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Spinning my wheels…

I have really been spinning my wheels this fall and that is no play on words. My spinning wheel sits dust-covered in a corner of my sewing room. The start of school is always rough, but it is almost the end of October. I haven’t taken the time to write about my fabulous visits to my daughters, or documented any of my knitting. And yesterday I finally figured out why–I think I have menopause-induced ADD. Many of my crone friends can attest to the hormonal fogginess that can come with large hormonal shifts. I am okay with that, I remember it well from pregnancy, the oft-felt motherhood memory loss…but I hadn’t a clue about the ADD.

If you spin me not, do I not make yarn?

I have always been a person who is easily distracted and often when cleaning the house, I will find myself getting off task, starting to clean a closet while in the middle of cleaning a bathroom, but I usually could get myself back on task. But yesterday I set myself a few very specific tasks and it took me hours to complete them! The first task was to put together a draft of a brochure for a church task force that I’m on. I told myself that I would work on the text first and then fiddle with the layout. Multiple times I found myself messing with text boxes and searching for images. My second task was to take care of a couple of pressing e-mails and finding myself looking at random weblinks from non-essential e-mails. I finally finish the brochure, and take care of the e-mails-hours later! Leaving the house to go pick up a Papa Del’s Pizza my heart lurches in my chest-I haven’t sent out the draft of the brochure, only to find out after dinner that I had…So ADD and short term memory loss! Curse those wildly fluctuating hormones!

But for now, I will close and get to work on one of my two knitting projects. This one is almost done, a beautiful red scarf made out of alpaca and silk. It has a lovely hand and sheen. The final part is the ruffle I am half-way through first ruffle and hope to finish the scarf in the next few days.

Ruffle Scarf

Ruby alpaca silk from Blue Sky Alpacas


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I am knitting again, after several years of a couple of projects just languishing in baskets. It started with a plane trip…

I had the great fortune to visit my dear friend, Nancy Nestingen Frost, in England last winter break. I was not looking forward to long waits in airports, where it is almost impossible to read at times because of the crowds of people and blaring TVs, so I decided to bring some knitting. Not only could I stave off boredome,  I could also make gifts for Nancy’s daughters, Lucy and Rosie. I went to my local yarn store (LYS) and bought some nice chunky yarn, Araucania’s Limari in two colorways, 507 (lime greens, yellows) and 552 (pinks, purples, navy).

I called the airlines three different times to ask about whether I could bring knitting needles and I was assured by all that I could. To be safe, I brought only wooden and plastic needles; I didn’t want to take a chance with metal. I also brought along Lorna’s Laces’ Shepherd Bulky ( Lakeview 504-turquoise, purple, light green) to make a hat for my youngest daughter Sadie, who was home from college. If I was knitting for others, I’d better come home knitting something for her!

I had a lovely visit with Nancy, her husband Peter, Lucy, and Rosie. I finished Lucy’s hat on the flights over and started Rosie’s hat on the coach from Heathrow to Worchester. Peter asked me to knit him a hat, too. That was a bit of a rush, but we went out and bought some worsted weight acrylic that I doubled.

Rosie and Lucy in their cozy hats.

The trip was far too short, but before I left, Nancy and the girls were all working on a knitting project. Lucy also made a dress and Rosie sewed a skirt. We are a productive bunch.

Rosie and Nancy knitting.

Rosie and Lucy

I also bought a firescreen, which is a ridiculous souvenir and a bit difficult to transport home, but that is a subject for a future post…

And I finished Sadie’s hat before she had to go back to school in New York City. I sure do miss my girls.

Sadie vampin' in her new hat.

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